Saturday, 26 November 2016

Bijou Wear Abstract Mirage Review

Bijou Wear Abstract Mirage
66 % Egyptian mercerized cotton / 33% standard cotton / 240 GSM
23 months and 28 pounds

Abstract Mirage is the third Bijou Wear I've had the pleasure of trying. Upon opening the package I was sure it was a shorty because of how compact the wrap folds up, but in fact it was not. Out fell a long, deliciously shimmery silver/white wrap in a modern and fresh feeling design. There is just a hint of sea glass blue/green in the shimmer that plays up differently in different lighting. Letting the wrap fall across my lap and moving it around in the light, the name Mirage seems at once apt.

In hand this wrap is textured with a very lovely sheen, due to the mercerized cotton, but it is also a dry wrap. The kind of dry that will make that slight creaky sound while wearing if you know what I mean. I would be curious to see how it breaks in, I imagine some of the dryness in hand will go away. Abstract Mirage is also exceptionally thin in hand with a medium-high diagonal only stretch.

The name suggests modern abstract paintings and the design shows a brush stoke effect. Looking at the wrap the texture is very evident and the mix of sheen and matte do well to further enhance the look of texture. That said this is a flat texture, the weave is smoother and on the denser side. You will find no nubs or slubs here. There is an airiness in the design, if you hold the wrap up to the light, it is not see thru, even for the thinness of the wrap, but light shines in along certain lines of the design. Style wise, if higher end fashion appeals to you, but you don't get to partake in real life, this is the wrap for you. It will elevate your look anytime you wear it.

While wrapping the diagonal stretch isn't very apparent at all. There is zero sag once wrapped when wearing, and the wrap moulds quite nicely. The texture of Abstract Mirage translates to a grippy wrap, the type of grip that can hold a single knot, but the level of grippiness won't hold much of a challenge for more experienced wearers. In multi pass carries such as a double hammock a newer wrapper may need to put in more work, but the results are worth it. I am currently not a typical wearer due to a back injury and a toddler - I need a lot from a wrap, cush usually and a great deal of strength and support. There is not a lot of cush, nor bounce with Abstract, but no dig at all, and amazing strength and support. I also really enjoyed the lack of bulkiness on my shoulders and the easy and numerous pleats! Trying to think of what this wraps similarly too, and I think of Almitra Tattva Phirozi, which is a woolie, but equally thin in hand and also equally astonishing for the amount of strength and support.

I really enjoyed using this wrap in my base (ish) size and that would be my personal preference for this wrap, but it will perform well in a shorty. The lack of bulkiness, plus softness and smoothness makes this a good choice for a newborn wrap and it will work well beyond the newborn phase. This is a toddler worthy wrap, especially if you are looking for a thin toddler worthy wrap, you will find those are harder to come by. If you enjoy thin, denser wraps, with flatter texture, no nubby fibres, this is one to check out. Lovers of a lot of stretch, or very cushy, or blankety wraps may want to sit this one out. Though it may be one that surprises you too. My own wrap qualities that I love have certainly changed and evolved a bit the more I try.

Thank you Jaime for letting Abstract Mirage visit us!

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