Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Zee Zen Woven Wraps I'm A Dreamer Monochrome Review

Zee Zen Woven Wraps I'm A Dreamer Monochome
Super combed cotton/cotton / 295 GSM
2 years and 30 pounds

I've had the pleasure of wrapping with a good number of Zee Zen wraps over the past 2 years. I've been fortunate to experience the evolution of Zee Zen and I'm A Dreamer is one of the best yet. I feel like it's one of those stand out wraps from a company that encompasses all the knowledge of past releases and prototypes and provides a totally satisfying and straightforward experience using it.

Upon opening the package I noted how the wrap unfolded with a feel of density and heft, yet as I squeezed the wrap it's bouncy and spongy in hand. I also noted I'm A Dreamer feels exceptionally soft and flopped around with ease as I examined it. Monochromes have always attracted me and the black and warm gray toned ecru are especially appealing here with the sharp geometric design.

I'm A Dreamer has a fascinating combination of feeling smooth from the fibers and dense weave and sharply textured from the ridges of the detailed pattern. There is a lot of structure here in the geometric pattern that I anticipate will add cush and grip. There is a medium-high diagonal stretch which will translate into recoil while wrapping and wearing. I find no difference in feel or looks on either side, no "right" or "wrong" side.

The pattern has the appearance of stylized geometric feathers, with the barb and barbules structure of a feather very bold and pronounced between the two colors, black and ecru. I'm A Dreamer will appeal to all fashion types, easily transitioning from a jeans and sweats wrap to a more dressed up statement making wrap. Fans of The Beatles will also appreciate the name and I suspect go on to appreciate the wrap itself once they try it out.

The one word I keep coming back to for describing this wrap is spongey. Just in hand and squeezing it, so spongey and that feel translates to wrapping and wearing. I had suspected the wrap to be bouncy while wearing, but that is not the case, there is very little bounce and zero sag. It's impressive that it is all cotton considering the wrapping qualities it offers, besides the textured grip balanced with soft glide there is lots of support that pairs well with the cush when wearing my toddler. Wraps up thinner that it feels in hand, I suspect because the structure is so spongey, resulting in thinner CCCBs, flat moulded shoulder straps, snug chest passes, and excellent pleats all around. I used I'm A Dreamer in FWCC, ruck, many variations, double hammock, many variations and it scored top marks all around for all the carries I tested it in. I am not a typical wearer and require a lot of support from a wrap to wear my toddler for any length of time and I was able to ruck comfortably on a few long walks.

I'm A Dreamer is well balanced all around, easy care cotton, but a complex weave which adds wonderful texture and grip to balance this wraps delightful softness and glide plus enough cush for both single and multi pass carries. Because of the softness and how floppy it is I recommend it right from the start for newborns all the way up to toddlers because it also has the cush and strength for those heavier wrappees. New wrappers should find this an easy wrap to use, passes glide well, there is a good balance of grip to hold things just right as you are wrapping. and it is forgiving of less than perfect wrap jobs. Because I tested in both single and multi pass carries and it did so well in both, any size in I'm A Dreamer will be excellent. I am especially happy to wholeheartedly recommend this wrap because it is made and sold in Canada, so for any Canadians especially this will be a great economical choice too! If you are a lover of very dry, or very grippy, you will want to pass, there is grip here, but it is not very grippy, more a medium level of grippiness. Additionally if you love airy and thin wraps, this is a dense weave, though it is spongey and has some airiness it is not what I would call loose and airy, and in hand it is medium thick at least, if not a touch thicker. If you prefer solid and no stretch again you will want to pass as there is stretch and recoil. For those that like a good balance of medium grip with glide, but no slip, this wrap is recommended. If you love wraps that are soft and floppy with a slightly weighted drape, look at I'm A Dreamer.  If you love easy care and are looking for a one and done wrap, this could well be it for you.

Thank you again to Pauline for allowing me to test out and review yet another Zee Zen woven wrap!

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